Online Marketing

Online Marketing Tutorial for Local Businesses

For local businesses, the most important online marketing instruments are the same as those for companies targeting national or international markets. However, local businesses should take some particularities into account. In this tutorial we will show you the most effective measures for local companies to address potential clients by using specific targeting and reducing waste coverage. 

Search Engine Marketing

With search engine marketing (SEM) you can achieve immediate results. If your organic visibility is low at the moment, we recommend starting with SEM and working on search engine optimization in parallel.

Google has a market share of almost 95% in Switzerland. Thus you can focus solely on Google AdWords and do not need to include other search engines.

  • Geographic Targeting: Google AdWords allows you to define a very specific geographic targeting. Use this possibility! 

  • Ad Extensions: Enable the Google AdWords location and call extensions. As a result potential clients will find your address and phone number directly in the search results and can call your company with just one click from their smartphone. 

    Location and Call Extension Desktop

    AdWords Location and Call Extension on Desktop

    Call Extension Smartphone

    AdWords Call Extension on  Mobile

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires ongoing efforts and results are visible only after a few months. The following elements are particularly important for local businesses: 

  • Ranking Factors: As a local business, make sure to incorporate the ranking factors for local search in your SEO strategy. 

  • Google My Business: There are many reasons for creating a Google My Business account

    • Google My Business is a relevant ranking factor for local search. 

    • With your entry you ensure that your company is displayed correctly and appealingly in the Google Knowledge Graph and in Google Maps. 

    • According to the Universal Search Study 2015, Google Search displays more and more map results.

      Google Map Results in Google Search on Desktop
    • By including your phone number in your Google My Business profile, you enable calls directly from the Google search result on smartphones. 

      Google Map Results on Mobile with Call Button
  • Apple Maps: Apple Maps is among the most used apps on smartphones: The service is ranked 10th place in the most used apps, Google Maps is ranked in 6th place.
    Therefore it is important for your business to be present not only in Google Maps but also in Apple Maps. Check if you can find your company in Apple Maps and if all information is correct. You can update your entry or add a new one with “Maps Connect”. This service is now also available in Switzerland


By using a combination of SEM and SEO, you can make your company visible in search engines. By implementing a very specific targeting, you can reduce waste coverage to a minimum.

Do you need any assistance with the online marketing strategy for your local business? Feel free to send me an e-mail