Data Deep Dives

Your digital channels generate thousands of data records every day. These records have a lot of untapped potential. Discover new correlations and causalities that can be used for marketing and business decisions and connect relevant data sources to get fresh and surprising data insights.

Prove Your Assumption

To prove your assumption or answer a specific question, we define a roadmap and the necessary data sources. We then connect and transform the data, use algorithms, deep learning and other techniques to get the answer. Your assumption can be as specific as “I’m sure our jeans only get bought during bad weather”. We prove it based on our data-driven process, letting you use your gut feeling for the important life decisions.

Discover & Explore

Without a specific question or assumption, we analyze your data sources and explore hidden correlations, patterns, and opportunities. We connect various data sources and use deep dive techniques to reveal hidden value. Thanks to our outside perspective, we are able to discover new and unseen opportunities. The results can be diverse, ranging from an improved user journey to increased revenue.