Analytics Monitoring

Make sure your data is always measured correctly.

We make sure that all core value metrics in your analytics setup are monitored. To do this, automated notifications are set up to indicate when a metric is reported as significantly higher or lower than usual. Variations in results often go unnoticed for a long time and resulting in several weeks of data loss. To prevent this, we offer Analytics Monitoring.

  • Analytics Monitoring notifies you immediately and therefore allows you to react very quickly when significant changes in data are detected.
  • The metrics monitored and the thresholds that trigger a notification are defined individually to suit your business needs.
  • Analytics Monitoring leads to higher data quality and enables rapid troubleshooting if something goes wrong in the data collection.

New Web Analytics Software for ZVV

In our tool evaluation we analysed several web analytics tools to find the software best suited to the requirements defined by ZVV.

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E-Commerce Tracking for Crowdhouse

With the new tracking setup the full user journey is tracked and provides a valuable basis for performance analyses and marketing decisions.

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Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for u-blox

For the online shop of the chip manufacturer u-blox we set up enhanced e-commerce tracking and made it possible to analyze every step of the client journey.

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