Privacy Policy

The European General Data Protection Regulation and the new Swiss Data Protection Act both require a transparent description of how customer data is collected and who it is shared with.

Why Do You Need a Data Privacy?

According to the new data protection laws, your website must inform users which customer data is collected and to which third-party providers this data is forwarded to.

Create a data scheme to get an overview of the customer data that you currently collect over your website, apps or offline points of contact. A data scheme includes all systems, interfaces, storage locations, software, and tools that process or store personal data.

Furthermore, your website must have a cookie banner implemented that includes a consent management system that allows for the evaluation of all cookies to your website and categorize them correctly. The cookie banner must only allow tracking if user consent for cookie tracking has been given.


Data Scheme & Clever Data Management

A privacy policy and cookie banner is insufficient. Instead, create a smart data management system where the collection of your customer data in different departments such as marketing, communications or IT result in a well-structured data concept that complies with current data protection laws.

We have been consulting companies on data protection since 2018, combining our technological know-how with legal expertise. Through our many years of experience in the analytics sector, we know what to look out for to ensure that your customer data is collected in compliance with data protection laws.

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