Digital Compliance

Digital communication has become an integral part of our lives and we deal with it on a daily basis. Did you know that human error is still the number one cause of all data leaks?

To be digitally compliant does not only mean following the rules, but also checking your data collection touchpoints and  data storage processes on a regular basis. You need to be prepared and have a process in place in case of a data breach. We support you in any digital compliance matter and help you to ensure your communication processes and digital channels are compliant.

Digital Compliance Consulting for Fischer Connectors

For Fischer Connectors we made sure that their online marketing activities were compliant with EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

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GDPR Consulting for INTEGRA Biosciences

We conducted several compliance workshops to ensure INTEGRA's processes comply with GDPR.

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GDPR Consulting for Bauwerk Parkett

We supported Bauwerk Parkett in establishing effective and fully compliant digital marketing channels.

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