Conversion Optimization

You want your visitors to land on the right pages and follow your calls to action. With methods like A/B testing or multivariate testing, we help you boost the conversion rates and revenue of your website.

Attribution Modeling

Attribution modeling tracks the conversions from the different marketing channels. Knowing the total value generated by each channel, you can calculate the ROI of each one of them and decide how to allocate your marketing spend.

A/B Testing Process

With A/B testing, two or more versions of the same page are displayed. In measuring the performance of the different versions, we select the one that has the better conversion rate, thus helping you increase your leads and sales.

Page Optimization

We ensure not only that every marketing effort drives the visitors to a dedicated landing page, but also that this page provides an optimal user experience, with specific calls to action leading to an increased conversion rate.

Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for u-blox

For the online shop of the chip manufacturer u-blox we set up enhanced e-commerce tracking and made it possible to analyze every step of the client journey.

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New Web Analytics Software for ZVV

In our tool evaluation we analysed several web analytics tools to find the software best suited to the requirements defined by ZVV.

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E-Commerce Tracking for Crowdhouse

With the new tracking setup the full user journey is tracked and provides a valuable basis for weekly performance analyses and marketing decisions.

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