With the continuous digitalisation and digital transformation of businesses, the use of data for steering, controlling and monitoring business activities has become essential.

We support you in all kinds of digital data matters, from data strategy, tracking implementation, web and app analytics, deep analysis to the creation of dashboards, reports and data visualizations.

With a well-structured database, you are superbly equipped to make important decisions in your digital marketing processes, such as launching a new marketing campaign, relaunching your website, implementing new processes, or updating your e-commerce system.

Stakeholder Dashboards for Sonova

For Sonova, the holding company of several hearing aid brands, we created several stakeholder dashboards.

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ZVV - Zürcher Verkehrsverbund

For ZVV (Zurich Transportation Services) we evaluated web analytics tools that comply with the relevant privacy regulations and could track the required data.

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Marketing Dashboards for Barry Callebaut

For Barry Callebaut we created holistic marketing dashboards showing data from all marketing channels to enable data-driven marketing decisions.

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