Our Sustainability Journey

Our team is deeply committed to sustainability. We believe that the protecting the planet is an important focus for our company and the projects that we work on.

Sustainability is naturally ingrained in our company culture and our corporate philosophy. Our team commutes to work by public transport or bicycle, we operate a paperless organization, we have complete recycling and composting possibilities in the office… Just to name a few examples. As a team, we have decided that we would like to organize and document our sustainability efforts in a more formal and structured manner in order to measure our progress on our sustainability journey.

Our Goal
Our goal is to define clear targets and milestones against which we can measure our progress. We aim to develop a Sustainability Report that outlines our goals and documents the improvements as we transition towards a sustainable online marketing agency.
Our Current Status

We have held various team workshops and spoken with several sustainability experts. We conducted a materiality assessment to determine which sustainability issues are significant to our team and our customers. Through the study, we identified in ten focus topics that we consider relevant for our company and our impact on the planet. We divided these ten focus areas into three categories: People, Product/Service and Planet.


  • Work-life balance
  • Gender equality
  • Diversity
  • Employee Retention


  • Transparency
  • Education & Teaching
  • Digital Pollution


  • Energy Usage
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Waste Reduction

We believe that by addressing these issues, we can create a more sustainable future for our company, our clients, and the world.

Our Next Steps
We know sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We strive to grow as individuals and as a company toward a more sustainable future. We look forward to learning more about sustainable business governance and discovering opportunities to evolve along the way. Our next steps will be to develop a sustainability strategy, to set measurable goals and track our progress. We also want to continue to educate ourselves about sustainability issues in online marketing and share our insights with you.Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future!

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