Data is only useful, if it is clearly visualized and easily consumable by the stakeholders. It is part of our work to shape and customize data into a visual form that is easily understood.

As certified experts with experience in creating reports and dashboards we enable data monitoring and a data-based decision making process. We work with several tools which we select and combine based on your requirements. Our dashboards are able to display different data sources in one data overview giving you the opportunity to derive insights and really understand your data.

Stakeholder Dashboards for Sonova

For Sonova, the holding company of several hearing aid brands, we created several stakeholder dashboards.

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Marketing Dashboards for Barry Callebaut

For Barry Callebaut we created holistic marketing dashboards showing data from all marketing channels to enable data-driven marketing decisions.

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Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for u-blox

For the online shop of the chip manufacturer u-blox we set up enhanced e-commerce tracking and made it possible to analyze every step of the client journey.

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