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Web Analytics and SEO for Startups

On Saturday the place to be for the Swiss Startup Scene was at StartupCamp Switzerland 2014 in Basel. A variety of presentations, discussions, and workshops on themes of interest to startups ran concurrently in five sessions throughout the day. Our Amazee Metrics team gave a presentation on the topic of Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization for Startups. Fortunately, many of the participants were interested, and so we were awarded one of the coveted presentation slots.

Web Analytics

For the Web Analytics section Laura clarified some of the most important metrics that a startup can get from web analytics. 

1. Audience

Who is visiting your site and what can you find out about them?

  • Demographics and Interests
  • Browser und Operating Systems 
  • Mobile Devices
  • New vs. Returning Visitors and Frequency 

2. Acquisition

How did your visitors find you? Which channels are bringing the most traffic?

  • Channels: Direct, Search Engines, Referrals, Social etc. 
  • Referrals
  • Campaigns: Advertising, Newsletters, QR Codes etc.
  • Social

3. Behavior

How are visitors using your site?

  • Content: Most Viewed Pages, Landing Pages, Exit Pages.
  • Events: Interaction with Videos, Maps, Widgets, Forms, and Popups, Downloads etc. 
  • Experiments

4. Conversions

How can you measure your success in terms of the specific goals you’ve set for your site, such as sales, leads, or engagement? 

  • Multi-Channel Funnels: Which pages do users visit before a conversion happens? 

Search Engine Optimization

I explained the most important factors for search engine optimization that one should consider when trying to achieve a better ranking in organic searches. 

1. Keyword Research

  • Define the relevant keywords
  • Focus on high search volume and low competition 

2. Technical Optimization

  • URL Structure
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description Tags
  • H1 Heading Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Images: Filenames and ALT Tags
  • Source Code Validation
  • Page Load Speed
  • Sitemaps
  • Duplicate Content
  • Structured Data (
  • Mobile SEO

3. Usability

  • Overall Appeal
  • Navigation
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Quality

4. Link Building

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

The presentation below gives an overview of relevant web analytics metrics and important steps in search engine optimization: