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Mobile SEO After Mobilegeddon: Relevance and Ranking Factors

Yesterday it was time for the yearly search engine conference in Zurich. I had the pleasure of holding the first presentation of the day and talked about mobile SEO. In the first part of the presentation I outlined the importance of mobile search and how Mobilegeddon impacted it. In the second part I showed specific SEO measures to achieve good ranking positions in mobile search.

These are the most important take-aways of the presentation:

  • A quarter of the Internet usage in Switzerland already happens on smartphones.
  • Due to Mobilegeddon, only mobile-optimized pages achieve good ranking positions in mobile search.
  • There are three possibilities to create a mobile website:

    1. Responsive web design (recommended in most cases)
    2. Dynamic serving
    3. Separate mobile website
  • There are five important ranking factors for mobile SEO:

    1. Local factors
    2. Technical aspects
    3. User experience
    4. Content
    5. Backlinks and social signals

You can find the full presentation below. Feel free to send me an email if you need support with search engine optimization for your website.