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Google Trends – 4 Tips for Keyword Research

Are you looking for new ideas for your digital marketing strategy or your content marketing? Google Trends is ideal for this because the free tool not only helps you to search for keywords but also points out new trends.

Google Trends Offers the Following Uses for Your Keyword Research:

  1. Keyword Trend Research
  2. Seasonal Keyword Trend Analysis
  3. Comparison of Several Keywords
  4. Country-Specific Keyword Research

Keyword Trend Research

Before you start with your SEO strategy, you should do keyword trend research. Besides the well-known tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner, keyword research using Google Trends is ideal.

Imagine you are a chocolate maker. The UK market is your target market and you want to find out on Google Trends which content you can use to improve your rankings for the keyword “Swiss chocolate”.With the help of Google Trends you can collect ideas by taking a look at “Related queries”. For example, it might be a great idea to write a recipe for a chocolate roulade with Swiss chocolate.

Google trends interests and similar search terms

Seasonal Keyword Trend Analysis

Google Trends not only gives you information about the current usage of your keywords but also for a certain period of time. In Google Trends you can find out which search term is most frequently searched for in which time period.

Over time, you can see that chocolate is most popular in the days before Christmas. Looking at the last 12 months, you can see that in December 2019, there was a clear upward trend in searches for “Swiss chocolate”.

Google Trends for seasonal trend analysis

Comparison of Several Keywords

You can use Google Trends to research keywords related to specific products, services and competitors.

If we look at the period from December to February, we find that demand falls immediately after the holidays and Belgian and British chocolate is popular just before New Year’s Eve. Such information can help you choose the right time to run your campaigns.

Compare Google Trends keywords

Country-Specific Keyword Research

Not every region searches for the same products and the same search terms. With the help of Google Trends you can find out popular search terms per country or region.

If you run a business that sells chocolate, it might be interesting to know what type of chocolate is most popular. The graph shows you straight away that Swiss chocolate is more popular than British and Belgian chocolate. This is a worldwide trend. To see if the trend is the same in a certain country, you can specify this in the menu under “Worldwide”. The query can also be refined by selecting time period, category and type of search. 

Compare Google Trends Keywords Worldwide and by Region

Google Trends – How to Get Started

You do not need a Google account to access Google Trends. Once you are on the site, you can enter your keywords. If you want to add multiple keywords or search terms, you can separate them with commas.

Compare Google Trends Keywords Worldwide and by Region

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