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AdWords Ad Customizers: Real-Time Updates for Your Ads

Ad customizers is a new and little-known Google AdWords tool. It allows to tailor text ads to searches and offers in real-time. This is beneficial for AdWords campaigns containing a big variety of products, working with numerous promotions or showing current availability (for example for hotel rooms or flights).

Examples of Use

Ad customizers can be used for the following ad types:

AdWords Ad Customizers: Showing availability and prices

AdWords Ad Customizers: Showing product features AdWords Ad Customizers: Showing real-time countdown AdWords Ad Customizers: Showing event details from an event series

How Ad Customizers Works

There are two steps to implement ad customizers:

  1. Define attributes: The details like product name, price and promotion for particular campaigns, ad groups or keywords are defined in a spreadsheet. This document needs to be stored in the Business data section of the Shared library.

  2. Create ads: Now the text ads can be created including the required parameters. AdWords will dynamically insert the information matching the search query into the ad. 


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