Personalization and User Tracking

The topic of last week’s WebExpresso – our morning event we held together with Amazee Labs – was personalization and user tracking.

Based on the tools Webtrekk and we showed how to setup personalized user interaction and customized marketing campaigns.

What is Personalization?

Personalization can be split up in tracking, segmentation and interaction:

1. Tracking

Personalization is based on tracking: User actions are tracked on the website and aggregated with information from internal tools (e.g. CRM) and external data (e.g. Social Media profiles or third party cookies).

2. Segmentation

The users are grouped in segments based on the tracked user information.

A segmentation can be applied based on

  • user interaction on the website, for example visited pages or viewed and bought products.

  • user profiles. In this case the segmentation can be based on address, gender or user values such as RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) or RFE (recency, frequency, engagement)

  • based on external data, like the Klout score, public information from social media profiles or even on personal information like job situation collected by data providers using third party cookies (e.g.

3. Interaction

Based on the segmentation the different user segments will be provided with individual website content or product recommendations, invididual marketing campaigns or personalized messages in chat systems on the website or mailings.


Webtrekk is a German company specialised in web analytics since 2003. They now have offices in China, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and in the US.

In their latest suite they extended the web analytics part with user relationship management, where all user information is stored and coming together. In addition they provide a marketing automation tool allowing to adapt the page content and create personalized product recommendations. This is especially interesting for marketing managers as no technical support is necessary. is a US based company specialized in personalized user interaction. They provide chat systems, mails and newsletters to allow individual communication with your users. The chat system on the website gives you the opportunity to provide assistance to your website visitors or to provide your users with additional information based on their website behavior.


Please find the presentation and some impressions of the WebExpresso below.

I am happy to assist if you have further questions regarding personalization.