Search Engine Advertising

Holiday Checklist For Your Google Visibility

The Christmas season is a busy and lucrative period for most businesses.

We have prepared a comprehensive checklist to help you optimizing your visibility in Google during the holidays.

Google My Business

Check and update the information in your Google My Business profile. This guarantees that your company is displayed correctly in organic search and in Google Maps.

Do you have special opening hours for the holidays? Update them!

Google AdWords

Adjust your AdWords campaigns for the Christmas season:

  • Location Extensions: Check your AdWods location extensions. They should be enabled and contain the correct address. This ensures that last-minute Christmas shoppers find your store.

  • Ads: Communicate special holiday promotions in your AdWords text ads and banners. Callout extensions for text ads are a great feature to do this.

  • Keywords: Add additional AdWords keywords for specific holiday topics. Last-minute gift ideas are an important topic right before Christmas, whereas exchanging or returning gifts is a hot topic right after.

  • Landing Pages: Add special promotions and current holiday topics to your landing pages.

  • Budget: Increase the AdWords budget if your store is open during the holiday season or if you have an online shop. Reduce the budget if your store is closed and if it is not an online shop.

  • Ad Scheduling: According to Google shopping-related searches happen around the clock during the holiday season. If you are using custom ad scheduling we recommend expanding the hours for which your ads show.