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Google AdWords Tutorial: Call-Only Campaigns

The Google forwarding phone numbers for AdWords are finally available in Switzerland. Calls coming from ads can be measured and can be tracked as conversions. You can create ads with such a forwarding number for the search network with the AdWords ad format “Call-only”. These ads will be displayed exclusively on devices that can make a phone call. By clicking on the ad the user will instantly make a call without being forwarded to the website.  

Beispiel einer Call-Only Anzeige

This is how to create a call-only campaign:

1. Campaign Creation

First of all, create a new campaign for the search network.

Call-only campaign in search network

Choose the campaign type Call-only and name your campaign. Decide whether you want to include the Google search partners or not. Choose the location, language and bid strategy and define a daily budget. Adjust the ad schedule to ensure that the user will reach someone when he or she calls. Save your settings.

Call-only campaign creation

2. Ad Group and Ad Creation

Name your ad group and add the business name, phone number, ad text and the displayed URL. In order to use the Google forwarding phone number, choose A Google forwarding phone number and use call reporting and Count calls as phone call conversions. Add keywords and save your settings.

Call-only campaign ad group and ad creation

3. Conversion Tracking Setup

Choose Tools in the main menu at the top and then Conversions in the drop down menu.

Call-only conversions

Add a conversion and name it. Determine the value, the call length (after how many seconds a call should be counted as a conversion) and the counting method.

4. Reporting

There are useful columns in the report of the call-only campaign. These columns show you the number of impressions on phones and the number of calls. You can also see the PTR – Phone-through rate (number of calls divided by the number of impressions) and the cost for phone calls.

Call-only report details

If phone calls of potential clients are important for your business, call-only campaigns provide them the opportunity to call you with just one click.

If you have any questions or remarks concerning call-only campaigns in Google AdWords, please contact me.