Online Marketing

10 Online Marketing Trends For 2015

As we are approaching the end of the year it is time to look into 2015. Like other online marketing experts we had a look into the online marketing trends for 2015.

Our 10 online marketing trends for 2015 are:  

1. Mobile

It is high time to optimize your business for mobile users if you have not done so until now. The reasons for the mobile boom are the increasing internet use on smartphones and the mobile search updates Google has launched this year. 

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing will still be one of the most important online marketing instruments and will gain significance in B2B businesses

3. Social Media

Companies are expected to focus more on humanizing their brand on social media and on increasing their reach through paid advertising. 

4. SEO

Due to the relevance of content marketing and social media for SEO these fields will increasingly overlap. 

5. Big Data

Companies increasingly invest in the analysis of big data. This trend will continue in the upcoming year. 

6. Retargeting

Marketing efforts will be more tailored to the customers’ buying behavior, whereat retargeting plays a critical role. 

7. Real Time Bidding (RTB)

The shift away from buying fixed advertising time and space toward real time bidding, as for example with Google AdWords, will continue. 

8. Personalization

New possibilities for personalized online marketing are expected: From location-based targeting to dynamic creative optimization (DCO), as already possible through dynamic remarketing ads in Google AdWords

9. Email Marketing

A renewed focus on email marketing is expected for 2015.  

10. Native Advertising

For native ads there will be a shift away from promotional language towards relevant content.