Google Analytics 4 – GA4

Google Analytics is the most widely-used web analytics tool and an attractive option for businesses looking to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and improve their online marketing efforts. With the right configuration, it can be fully compliant with data protection laws like the GDPR. However, depending on the setup, it is important to consider and address data privacy concerns.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 – GA4

Google Analytics 4 offers a wealth of data right out of the box, and the setup is fast and easy. To get to the full potential of Google Analytics, it is still necessary to set up custom events and conversions. Google Analytics 4, which will replace Universal Analytics by the end of June 2023, offers many additional features, but keep in mind that it has a shorter data retention period (only up to 14 months for some data) than Universal Analytics.

Data privacy is another important topic that must be addressed, especially in light of the GDPR. While Google Analytics can be used in a way that complies with this strict law, adjustments to the standard setup may be necessary.


Advantages of Google Analytics 4

  • No license fees
  • Simple Standard-Setup
  • Direct connection to marketing tools like Google Ads or the Google Search Console
  • Integrated machine-learning
  • Web and App data is all in one place

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