Piano Analytics – AT Internet

Piano Analytics, formerly AT Internet, is a powerful, user-friendly and privacy compliant web analytics solution that we greatly enjoy working with. It is 100% GDPR compliant.

Piano Analytics is a very complete analytics tool that allows companies to collect and store data while being GDPR-compliant. It also allows a ton of modification and customization to work and process this data. Additionally, it has a built-in solution to create reports and dashboards and visualize all the data in a clear way.

The integration of Piano Analytics is possible via all well-known Tag Managers like Google Tag Manager or Tealium IQ.


Advantages of Piano Analytics

  • Data Privacy and GDPR compliance is a certainty with Piano Analytics
  • The tool has an unbelievably wide range of functions that will make life easier and many things that might usually need more than one tool can just be done within Piano Analytics
  • It is possible to store data on a private web server or to keep it on a server of Piano Analytics
  • There are very convenient ways of working in a team as segments, filters, and so on can be saved and shared within Piano Analytics with any User

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