As one of the biggest competitors of Google Analytics, Matomo offers a completely open-source web analytics solution with a focus on data privacy and it can be installed on-premise!

We work with all kinds of web analytics tools and Matomo is definitely an important one in our portfolio because it offers a wide variety of benefits. Compared to other analytics tools Matomo is free, offers unsampled data and abides by the rules of data privacy. Hence, you don’t have to compromise when analysing your data in a complete and privacy compliant way.

The platform provides an integrated tag management solution for seamless integrations. This allows you to set up all necessary tracking for websites and apps, including third-party integrations, with ease. Matomo is exceptionally well-suited for intranet analysis as it can be internally hosted, eliminating the need for data transfers to third parties.


Advantages of Matomo

  1. Unlimited Data Control: Matomo can be hosted on your own web server, eliminating data storage and collection limitations.
  2. Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance: Easily configure Matomo to adhere to stringent data privacy regulations such as EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), ensuring compliance.
  3. 100% Unsampled Data: Matomo provides comprehensive, unsampled data for accurate analysis.
  4. Data Ownership: You retain full ownership of your data, guaranteeing privacy and control.
  5. Goal and Events Flexibility: No constraints on the number of goals or events that can be tracked.
  6. Diverse Plans: Matomo offers a range of options, including a free, open-source solution and various paid plans to suit your needs.

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