Amplify Your Marketing Strategy with YouTube Ads

Ready to amplify your online presence by harnessing the visual storytelling potential of YouTube? YouTube Ads is your platform for reaching, engaging, and converting audiences across mobile, desktop and connected TV. Let us guide you through the world of YouTube Ads and show you how it seamlessly complements your digital marketing strategy.

Why Choose YouTube Ads?

  • Visual Storytelling: Dive into the world of video marketing. Captivate, inform, and entertain your audience with visually compelling content that brings your brand to life.
  • Complementary to Google Ads: YouTube Ads and Google Ads go hand in hand. While Google Ads dominates search results, YouTube Ads empowers you to deliver your message visually, ensuring a holistic marketing approach.
  • Unparalleled Reach: Dive into the world of video marketing. Leverage YouTube’s incredible reach to target viewers across connected TV, mobile, and desktop devices.

YouTube Ads is the perfect addition to your marketing strategy, providing exceptional reach and targeting capabilities across various devices. But there’s more to explore. To create a comprehensive marketing plan that resonates with your audience, consider these related services:

  1. Content Marketing: Enhance your content strategy with compelling video content that complements your YouTube Ads campaigns.
  2. Google Ads: Continue dominating search results with Google Ads and ensure your brand’s presence where users are actively searching.
  3. Social Media Advertising: Expand your social media reach and engagement through Social Media Advertising. Leverage the power of multiple platforms to increase your brand’s visibility.

Inbound Marketing for PIDAS

With our targeted and comprehensive online marketing strategy, we were able to increase the number of website visitors by more than 25% in one year.

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Online Marketing Strategy for The Dolder Grand

For the Dolder Grand we increased the revenue from organic traffic by more than 10% and from paid search campaigns by 44%.

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Online Marketing for Informatec

We were able to increase the website traffic by 58% and organic visits by 105% for the B2B website of Informatec.

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