SEO Audit & SEO Check

In a competitive online landscape, it is essential to audit your website for maximum efficiency. A comprehensive SEO Audit & SEO Check not only allows you to identify opportunities for improvement, but also to achieve sustainable digital success. We focus on your business’ true added value.

Gaining Market Advantage by Improving Visibility

Every click, every visit to your website, is a potential customer. Your website should be positioned in the best possible way on search engines, to ensure that traffic from search queries lands on your website.
With an SEO Audit & SEO Check, we identify your potential and make sure you are ahead of the competition when it comes to visibility in search results.

Better User Experience due to Technical Excellence

Technical errors or loading speed problems can have a significant impact on user experience. Website visitors bounce due to such hurdles before they even engage with your products and services.
A thorough SEO check makes sure that technical flaws are identified and fixed in an efficient way so your customers enjoy a smooth user experience.

Efficient Use of Resources and Higher ROI

Use your online marketing investments in an optimal way. An SEO Audit ensures that every resource invested – be it time, money or energy – is pointed in the right direction to achieve the best results. With a detailed SEO check, you will know which areas have the greatest impact on your return on investment and you will be able to make your strategic decisions based on data.

Online Marketing Strategy for The Dolder Grand

For the Dolder Grand we increased the revenue from organic traffic by more than 10% and from paid search campaigns by 44%.

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Inbound Marketing for PIDAS

For PIDAS we were able to increase the number of website visitors by more than 25% in one year.

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Online Marketing for JEANS.CH

We increased the online visibility of JEANS.CH with 60 times more visits.

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