Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to automate repetitive marketing tasks for all your marketing channels including email marketing, social media, PPC campaigns and even for reporting and customer support.

There are several benefits to marketing automation. Most importantly, you can generate a higher return on investment because you will save time and can focus on your strategy, analysis and improvements.

  • For example if you automate your social posts for all networks and schedule them from one central instance, it means you can always post on the most efficient time, no matter if you are there or not.
  • Or if you create an automated email flow for new contacts, you can always be sure to follow up on leads and stay in touch while you have time to analyse the performance and optimise the messages.
  • One area where we do a lot of automation is reporting. We bring together all data sources in one automated realtime-report so we can always look at the latest data and get a holistic overview without having to pull it from several sources.
  • On top of that we even automated alerts for our marketing campaigns so we never miss an important change.

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Natalia Morgan

Head of Online Marketing
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