What is Tealium?

Tealium is a comprehensive customer data platform, empowering companies to unify their data from various sources, turning fragmented data into cohesive, actionable insights.

Whether it’s integrating web analytics, advertising tags, CRM systems, or mobile apps, Tealium simplifies the data unification process, creating a single view of the customer.


Leveraging Tealium to Drive Digital Transformation

The digital landscape is continuously evolving, driving businesses to transform their strategies and prioritize data-driven decisions. In this ocean of data, it becomes crucial to effectively gather, analyze, and deploy insights. Enter Tealium – the single solution that’s changing the way companies manage their data.


Why Tealium Stands Out

  1. Unified Customer View: Tealium’s Universal Data Hub offers a centralized point to collect, enrich, and activate data across any channel or technology, providing businesses with a 360-degree view of their customers.
  2. Ease of Integration: With hundreds of turnkey integrations, businesses can ensure that their marketing and technology stacks seamlessly communicate with each other. This interoperability significantly reduces data silos and discrepancies.
  3. Real-time Insights: In a dynamic digital space, timing is crucial. Tealium offers real-time data collection and segmentation, allowing companies to act on data-driven insights immediately.
  4. Data Privacy and Security: In an era where data privacy regulations are stringent, Tealium ensures that businesses remain compliant. The platform allows for flexible data management, ensuring customer data is always protected

New Web Analytics Software for ZVV

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E-Commerce Tracking for Crowdhouse

With the new tracking setup the full user journey is tracked and provides a valuable basis for performance analyses and marketing decisions.

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Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for u-blox

For the online shop of the chip manufacturer u-blox we set up enhanced e-commerce tracking and made it possible to analyze every step of the client journey.

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