JENTIS’ Data Capture Platform is a Server-Side Tracking solution provided as Software-as-a-Service. JENTIS offers a very high data quality and a data privacy compliant data collection which is in line with data protection regulations such as EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We work with all kinds of web analytics tools and JENTIS is definitely a preferred one in our portfolio because it offers a wide variety of advantages. Compared to other server-side tracking tools – JENTIS places maximum focus on tracking with compliance to data protection laws while keeping the collected data quality at very high standards.

Furthermore, JENTIS provides direct client support and invites clients to actively influence the development of future features. For those familiar with the Google ecosystem, this level of engagement is truly remarkable.

JENTIS is also hugely innovative and their Data Capture Platform offers the generation of synthetic user data that can even be activated again for marketing campaigns to leverage the ROI with your tracking solution.


Benefits of JENTIS

  • Unparalleled Data Quality
  • Total Data Control
  • Stringent Privacy Compliance
  • Elimination of Third-Party Cookies
  • Seamless Integration with 100+ Tools
  • Exceptional Customer Support

As a preferred JENTIS partner, we are very excited to see what results have already been achieved by various companies with a JENTIS Server-Side Tracking solution. Please reach out if you are interested to learn more about JENTIS.

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