Why Google BigQuery?

At its core, Google BigQuery is a multi-cloud data warehouse service, designed for lightning-fast SQL analytics. Its serverless approach allows businesses to focus on data insights rather than infrastructure. With a highly scalable architecture, it facilitates the analysis of multi-petabyte datasets in real-time.

Integration with GA4

GA4 has been a revolutionary step forward for website and app analytics, focusing on user-centric reports and advanced modeling. The capability to export raw data from GA4 directly into BigQuery has opened new horizons for marketers. Based on this exported data in-depth queries are possible which are not feasible within GA4’s interface. By connecting GA4 with BigQuery, you can create tailored reports, deeper funnels, and even advanced predictive metrics using BigQuery’s Machine Learning capabilities.


Synergy with Marketing Platforms

In the dynamic realm of online advertising, understanding every penny spent is crucial. With BigQuery’s capability to integrate data from platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, marketers can get a comprehensive view of their campaigns. This means diving deeper than surface-level metrics, understanding cross-platform campaign performances, audience overlaps, and return on investment in a more granulated manner.


Enhancing Reports with Looker Studio

To visualize the vast information and insights obtained from BigQuery, integration with Looker Studio is a match made in heaven. Looker provides an intuitive platform to design comprehensive dashboards and reports. When fed with data from BigQuery, Looker can provide visually appealing and informative representations, bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights.

We, at Advance Metrics, have extensive experience harnessing the power of BigQuery, leveraging its robust data analytics capabilities to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. Over the years, we have successfully executed complex data projects, showcasing our proficiency in maximizing the potential of this powerful platform.

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