New Web Analytics Software for ZVV

In our tool evaluation we analysed several web analytics tools to find the software best suited to the requirements defined by ZVV.

ZVV (Zurich Transport Network) required a new web analytics software to secure their users’ private information, and to provide easy-access and insightful data to their internal decision makers and stakeholders. ZVV, as a public organization, is obliged to maintain the highest standards of client and user privacy. For this reason, their existing web analytics based setup was to be overhauled, including the implementation of a new tool to collect and integrate a number of data types - from the web and its own systems.
ZVV engaged us to evaluate and implement a web analytics tool that complies with all relevant privacy regulations. After an extensive evaluation and feasibility study we found the right solution in AT Internet’s analytics tool. The new system allows the client to gather all the required data and presents it in a series of dashboards and ad-hoc reports.
With the new web analytics software, ZVV now has a new central point for all their online data. AT Internet ensures that their users' privacy is respected, that they are compliant with privacy regulations and that they have the required information in easy-to-understand dashboards. This has also significantly improved the user experience on their website.