Rolling out Server-Side Tracking for Zühlke – Achieving Data Excellence

Zühlke, a global innovation and transformation partner, encountered a significant challenge in optimizing their web analytics implementation. The objective was to strike a balance between digital compliance and the pursuit of high-quality data collection.
In addressing this challenge, we embarked on a journey of deep strategic evaluation to discern Zühlke's long-term data needs. Our primary goal was to establish a clear and sustainable data strategy. Within this framework, we explored various solutions tailored to meet Zühlke's unique requirements. A paramount consideration was securing full data control over the collected information. This was pivotal not only to ensure data compliance but also to adopt a sustainable approach in managing the voluminous data inflow. Our aim was to selectively harvest relevant data while refraining from the superfluous, standard data points that often accumulate without serving any purpose. Recognizing the limitations of the prevalent client-side setup in achieving these objectives, we determined that a server-side tracking solution was the most apt choice. 
Thanks to the transformative tracking setup spearheaded by Advance Metrics, we now possess more reliable data than ever before. Simultaneously, we wield the power to curate our data collection, conserving valuable resources. Advance Metrics guided us through this entire process, consistently championing our best interests
Luise Simonds
Digital Product Owner
Our team successfully implemented Google Analytics 4 (GA4) within a server-side environment, leveraging the innovative software solution provided by JENTIS. This transformation extended beyond GA4, encompassing other platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics for marketing automation, Facebook, and LinkedIn, all of which were seamlessly integrated into the server-side setup. The shift to server-side tracking yielded remarkable results. It not only facilitated high-quality data collection but also provide Zühlke with unparalleled data control. This newfound control enabled the establishment of a sustainable tracking framework, focusing on harvesting essential data while discarding extraneous information that lay dormant and unutilized.Moreover, the server-side setup introduced unprecedented flexibility into Zühlke's analytics infrastructure, providing the agility required to adapt to evolving needs and changing digital landscapes.In summary, the transition to server-side tracking empowered Zühlke to not only comply with digital regulations but also elevate their data collection to new heights of quality, control, and sustainability. This transformation positions Zühlke for continued success in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.