Praxis Topal expands from the Google Ads Network to Microsoft Ads

Praxis Topal, a gynecological practice in Zurich, used Google Search Ads for their unintrusive approach in enhancing visibility and accessibility for those actively searching for a gynecologist practice online. The challenge was increasing their reach without changing their approach.
To expand their reach, Advance Metrics suggested incorporating Microsoft Ads as an additional marketing channel. Microsoft Ads has experienced a significant growth in its network and features over the past year. They offer simple tools for transferring Google Ads campaigns with various integration fine-tuning options into the Microsoft Ad Manager. This streamlines the process and also facilitates synchronizing efforts made for both platforms.
Microsoft Ads have been a successful and powerful addition to the marketing mix for Praxis Topal. Praxis Topal ads are displayed in the first position among its competitors in the search results page for the high value keywords such as “frauenarzt Zurich” and “gynäkologe”. The resulting KPIs on Microsoft Ads are comparable and in some cases exceeded those on Google Ads. The click-through-rate (CTR)  is 75% higher and the cost per click (CPC) is 26% lower on Microsoft Ads using the identical ad copy and campaign structure.