Online Marketing for Werkarena

For the real estate project Werkarena we increased their online visibility with more than 500,000 Google Ads impressions and 40,000 Facebook impressions.

When we took over the Werkarena project, its website had little traffic, sparse content, no SEO optimization and a lack of social media activity. With the website's re-launch the goal was to increase brand awareness utilizing all aspects of online marketing power.
We set up social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Xing and combined an organic and paid marketing approach in the campaigns. With technical and content audits we ensured that the new website was fully SEO ready. Immediate brand awareness and visibility were supported with several Google Ads campaigns.
More than 6,000 sessions on the website in the first three months accompanied by more than 500,000 Google Ads impressions and almost 40,000 Facebook impressions achieved the boost in visibility the client was aiming for.