Marketing Dashboards for Kistler Instrumente AG

Kistler Instrumente AG, a worldwide leading provider of measurement technology, faced the challenge of being able to measure the performance of its digital marketing campaigns globally.
In a joint workshop, we defined the requirements of the campaign managers. Based on these criteria, we created interactive marketing reports that can be filtered by target market, channel, or landing page. The reports also include a comment section where campaign managers can manually add their insights and highlights. The report design was also optimized so that the most important parts could be easily transferred to internal PowerPoint presentations.
Thanks to the new reports, we are much faster and more efficient in evaluating campaigns and setting up new campaigns. Advance Metrics perfectly reflected our requirements in the new reports.
Johannes Stuebe
Marketing Campaign Manager
The new reports enable data-based decision-making for the marketing strategy. With the precise data per target market, performance can be measured per country, and the marketing strategy can be individually adapted for each country. Kistler's marketing team now has a central database for global marketing activities, allowing the team to execute agile marketing campaigns and communicate performance to key stakeholders faster and more easily.