Increasing Brand Awareness in strategic regions

Schweizeische Südostbahn approached Advance Metrics with a challenge to increase brand awareness in strategic regions of Switzerland along the Treno Gottardo train line. The Treno Gottardo is the most beautiful connection from north to south and runs hourly from Zurich via the Gotthard route to Locarno. This posed a unique challenge as the goal was to reach as many people as possible in a limited geographic space, across multiple channels.
To address the challenge posed by SOB, Advance Metrics recommended adding DV360, a programmatic advertising platform, to the marketing mix. The platform allowed us to select top publishers to display advertisements on specific premium websites, enabling us to maximize the reach to highly relevant audiences.
We are thrilled with the results of our campaign with Advance Metrics. Their strategic approach utilizing DV360 and relevant audience data allowed us to effectively increase brand awareness and sales in targeted regions.
Semra Yavuz
Ressortleiterin Marketing Services
The new strategy delivered impressive results, generating over 5 million impressions in Switzerland with a CPM of 2.03. This represented a 55% lower CPM than achieved through Facebook advertising and a 73% lower CPM than Google Display channels. The success of the campaign helped SOB achieve their goal of increasing brand awareness in targeted regions, through the effective utilization of DV360 and combining it with relevant audience data. By utilizing multiple channels and touchpoints, we were able to deliver substantial impressions at a low cost, resulting in a successful campaign for SOB.