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YouTube Advertising With Google AdWords

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and has a reach of one billion users. Therefore the marketing potential for YouTube is very high for you and your product.

YouTube Ad Formats

YouTube ads can be created and booked via Google AdWords. There are two advertising formats in YouTube: TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display video ads. TrueView in-stream video ads appear within YouTube videos while TrueView in-display video ads appear outside the YouTube videos.

  • TrueView in-stream: This ad format is displayed in the YouTube videos. During the video ad a countdown appears in the bottom right corner which allows skipping the ad after five seconds. If the user skips the ad no costs will apply. If the video ad is watched longer than five seconds costs for the ad will be charged.
    YouTube TrueView In-Stream

  • TrueView in-display: This ad formats can be displayed next to the YouTube videos or on the search result pages of the YouTube search. In this case costs apply when a user actively clicks on the thumbnail to start the video ad.

    YouTube TrueView In-Display rechts
    YouTube TrueView In-Display Suchergebnisseite

Benefits of YouTube Ads

In addition to the large reach, YouTube ads have further benefits:

  • Video campaigns for YouTube can be created fast and easy through Google AdWords. In the Google AdWords account you can see the relevant key metrics of your YouTube ads.
  • For all ad formats you can define interests and demographical requirements for your target audience. Therefore the ads have a higher targeting accuracy and are more relevant for the users.

  • The target audience can interact with your ads: a good example is the “A hunter shoots a bear“-campaign by Tipp-Ex. During the campaign users could rewrite the title of the story (after a part of the title has been marked by Tipp-Ex).

  • YouTube ads have a large reach but low costs. Costs apply only when users actively watch the video ad without skipping it.

If you use video ads in YouTube correctly, it will have a positive effect on your brand awareness. In addition, video ads help you to explain your product and make it more popular to your target audience.
In the next post we will show you how to set up YouTube ads via Google AdWords.

Please contact me for more information on YouTube and its‘ advertising possibilities.