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Why You Should Use Bing Ads in Europe

It is not a secret Bing is building their systems similar as their big competitor Google. Users should not be confused by different tools. This is why Bing Ads provide the same Cost-Per-Click-Model as Google AdWords.

Benefits of Bing Ads

  • Bing’s share oft he market in the US is 30%
    According to Statista Yahoo and Bing are holding 30% of the market share in the US in October 2014. Therefore Bing Ads are an important marketing channel for advertisers in America.
  • Import campaigns from Google AdWords into Bing Ads
    Bing Ads allow advertisers to import campaigns from Google AdWords directly into Bing Ads using the Bing Ads Editor Tool. You need a Microsoft account though to use Bing Ads and then the process is simple and quick: After entering your Google AdWords credentials you only have to choose the campaigns you would like to import. The campaigns will be imported automatically. (See Bing Help) 

Import campaigns to Bing Ads from Google AdWords

  • Bing Ads are displayed in Bing, Yahoo and Partner Networks
    The benefit of advertising with Bing Ads is the broader reach of your campaigns. The ads are not only displayed in one network, campaigns are advertised in Yahoo, Bing and also partner networks of Bing Ads.
  • Bing Ads can be more profitable in Europe than AdWords Ads
    Due to the small share of the market in Europe (together with Yahoo it’s about 5%) Bing is mostly unnoticed as an advertising platform. Therefore there is less competition and the click costs are lower. This makes advertising with special niche-keywords with a search volume nearly as high as in Google very promising. These keywords cost much less than in Google but have nearly the same reach. We found the keyword „Suchmaschinenwerbung“ as a niche-keyword in Bing. The illustration below shows the search volumes and cost per clicks in both advertising platforms for the German speaking area.

Search Volume for Suchmaschinenwerbung in Bing and AdWords

So advertising with Bing Ads can be a good idea also in Europe. The ratio between price and performance is very good and based on the cooperation with Yahoo the ads are displayed in several networks. The exclusive contract between Yahoo and Firefox in the US maybe lead to some more changes of the market share.

If you would like to know if a Bing campaign can be interesting for your keywords feel free to contact me.

Source header image: Bing Ads