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Why LinkedIn Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

With 610 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is all about building networks and connections. It is not just about who you know, it is about using the platform to achieve your marketing goals.

This situation may be familiar to you: You want to market your campaign online and have already tried Google Ads and Facebook Ads for this purpose. Unfortunately, the ads on these platforms do not bring the desired result and deliver a low ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend). Or you would like to expand your marketing strategy and address your target group, which is mainly in the B2B area, in a targeted manner with LinkedIn marketing.

In this blog post you will find out why you should include LinkedIn Ads in your marketing process in order to address your target group in a targeted and competent way. You will also find out how the media budget can be used to generate a successful ROAS.

Why you Should Include LinkedIn in Your Marketing Mix

Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn Marketing is ideally suited for the B2B (Business-to-Business) sector and can target decision-makers and influencers. The LinkedIn network includes employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs from various industries. The LinkedIn platform also offers good targeting opportunities to reach your target group without wastage.

LinkedIn marketing provides quality rather than the quantity provided by other platforms.

The LinkedIn network serves mainly for business purposes and for the exchange of contacts. Whereas platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are mainly used for leisure or private purposes. While Facebook’s and Instagram’s targeting is based on interests.

Which LinkedIn Advertising Options Can You Use?

LinkedIn offers very sophisticated ways to set up your campaigns to reach the right audience and generate successful leads. You can choose f.g. between Sponsored Posts, Message or Conversation Ads.

Extended targeting: job title, field of activity and sector

With LinkedIn, you have the option of targeting based on the job title “Head of Marketing” in the financial sector, for example.

LinkedIn Marketing Audiences

Flexible cost control

With LinkedIn self-service advertising, you can control the cost of your advertising campaign by setting a budget and bids.

Reporting and analytics to measure performance

LinkedIn also allows you to monitor the performance of your campaign and access the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

LinkedIn Marketing Overview KPIs

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms are lead generation forms optimized for mobile devices. Lead Gen Forms come pre-filled with accurate LinkedIn profile data, such as last name, first name and job title.

Matched Audiences: Retargeting with LinkedIn

With Matched Audiences, retargeting is also possible with LinkedIn. Visitors to the website or e-mail contacts from the database can be targeted with ads.

How LinkedIn-Marketing Can Help You to Use Your Media Budget in a Targeted Way

In addition to the various advertising formats, LinkedIn makes it possible to use the available media budget in a targeted manner. An example: You are planning a campaign specifically for real estate agents. With LinkedIn Ads you can plan your media budget in a way that relevant ads are only shown to the real estate industry or for users with the job title “real estate agent”. All this avoids unnecessary clicks and makes sure that the campaign is seen by the right target group.

With the help of LinkedIn Marketing, the target group can be supplied with content quickly and cost-effectively. As with all investments in marketing or communication, it is necessary to achieve tangible results.

With LinkedIn, there is no major wastage or cost caused by unnecessary clicks. Especially with Matched Audiences and Lead Gen Forms, you can use new and very user-friendly features and start a test run.

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