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Why 2017 Was Our Most Successful Year

2017 was the most successful year so far at Amazee Metrics. We were not only financially successful but could also establish long lasting relationships with our clients.

Next to the financial success of the company, our team was also successful: Christina got married and bought a house; Jono and Orlin moved to Muizenberg, just outside Cape Town, where our South African office is located; Chris surfs every day before work as the office is only one minute from the surf spot at Muizenberg Beach; we got one of the rare work permits for Nina; Roger is still so very happy to have joined our team last year and Sierd is proud to have written his first SEO audit in four (!) languages.


Successful and Happy

To be fully booked and financially successful is great, but the real success of 2017 is that we were able to combine this success with a happy team! On top of that, we could welcome the newest member of the Amazee Metrics family – my daughter was also born in 2017 and despite my job as CEO I could move away from daily operations and focus on my baby. By ending the year with an outstanding company result, we succeeded in combining both work and family engagements.


What Do We Do Differently?

It is not by accident that we could combine our quantitative with a qualitative success. There are two main things that make our setup at Amazee Metrics so successful.


A Responsible Team

In 2017 we introduced the Great Game of Business at Amazee Metrics – a management philosophy based on transparency and team engagement. We are financially transparent to the whole team. It is not only open-book management, our team also got finance training so everybody in the team now knows the difference between EBIT and net revenue.

The Great Game of Business is a game with rules that are understood by everybody in the team. Our rules state, that the team gets a share of the profit and that the team is involved in forecasting the quarterly revenue to calculate profit and the profit share.

It is important that this approach is only possible with an engaged team, in which responsible team members are interested in the company’s strategy.


Composition of Steering Committees within the Amazee Group

Amazee Metrics is part of the Amazee Group, in which we have clear rules for our steering committees. The shareholders of all our entities work in management positions within our group. With this approach we avoid the focus on a high dividend, we concentrate on company growth and development.

In addition, the boards of our entities contain key people within the group as well as experts in the respective business industry. With this approach we can make sure that we maintain the Amazee philosophy and ensure that the qualitative success is as important as the quantitative one.


A team that has a say in the company’s strategy, engaged team members, not working for a high dividend, and a transparent leadership are all responsible for our success. All these things need to be explained during hiring interviews and lead to surprised and happy faces. And it is all of these things that we are sure will lead to another successful year in 2018!


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