When Amazee Minds Come Together

About 10 years ago in a small co-working space in the Zurich based Technopark, a start-up was conceived that went by the name Amazee. The internet platform empowered individuals and organizations to initiate and promote their ideas and plans in projects, to find like-minded people and raise funds. After a few successes the start-up slowly found like-minded people in the Drupal Community and soon became Amazee Labs. What was once a profile on Techcrunch, is now a collection of 40 Drupalistas that over the years has served dozens of high profile clients.

Having a beautiful website is one thing, being found is a second thing and knowing who is finding you is an important third. While Amazee Labs was establishing itself as the go-to for slick websites, the company got more and more queries about digital marketing and analytics. In 2013 this led to us jumping on the Amazee bandwagon. Amazee Metrics was born. When we got the invitation to come to South Africa for the #amazee10 anniversary camp, we simply packed our bags and headed down south to meet up with our colleagues in Cape Town.

The Amazee Team in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Quality offline time

Not often do the Amazee brothers and sisters have the opportunity to all meet together in one place. With people working in different countries and on several continents, most time is being shared on Google Hang Outs, Zoom, Slack and online collaboration platforms. It was high time to spend some quality offline time together.

Quality time we have spent, even when we were still online most of the time. The latest offspring made sure that everyone could access the internet anywhere, anytime. This allowed for everyone to meet deadlines while colleagues were doing a karaoke version of the Spice Girls or Bonnie Tyler on a Saturday night.

Amazee Metrics winning a wine blending competition.

Teamwork was taken to another level when our digital analyst Chris managed to create the perfect blend of Cape wines Viognier, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay at the Leipzig Country House. Or how about blind canoeing, clearing alien vegetation and mastering archery on one of the most beautiful private reserves on the South African Garden Route. There, on Botlierskop Private Game Reserve Amazees came eye in eye with four of the Big Five.

Amazee Ideas

The joys over the weekend were preceded and followed by quality working time together. For two weeks Cape Town was the centre where all Amazees met on a daily basis. Coming together allowed for workshops, important meetings and on-boarding of new colleagues.
In the past two weeks we were able to add two talented people to the Amazee Metrics team. Digital Marketing Consultants Nina Haas and Orlin Krastev were lucky to combine their first working days with the #amazee10 celebrations. Now that everything is coming back to normal, and Amazees are returning to their homes on the other side of the globe, we are ready to give shape to the next ten years. Every now and then we can reflect on things by watching this great video. When Amazee minds come together, Amazee ideas come to life!

Amazee 10 Camp 2017 from Amazee Group on Vimeo.

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