What’s new in Google Search Console?

It has been more than 3 years since the new Google Search Console was released for general use. We last covered this topic in November 2018 in our blog post “The New Google Search Console”. As we all know, three years is an eternity in the Digital field and applications, programs and functionalities are constantly evolving. Therefore we at Amazee Metrics want to take a fresh look at the tool and give you an insight into the biggest updates they have given us this past year. 

Why should you care about Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is an online tool, provided free of charge, by Google which helps both marketing beginners and seasoned professionals to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot how their website appears in the Google Search Results Page (from here on referred to as the ‘SERP’). This platform can help you to improve how Google views your site so you can get the best possible ranking and show up in that coveted number 1 spot. Although the use of Google Search Console is not a requirement to place your website in the SERP, it is a highly useful tool that helps you understand how your website is receiving traffic. With this, you get insights on how to optimize your content and structure to attract more users onto your website. 

The brilliant thing about the Google Search Console is that it is easy to use by everyone. You do not have to be a computing engineer to benefit from the many reports and insights that the tool can offer. You only must be willing to invest some time in understanding your performance and editing your website content and structure to increase your results. If you are already quite well practiced in Search Engine Optimization, then this the perfect companion tool to simplify your analysis and help to identify key components of your site where your optimization will drive the most impact. 


Here are the 5 biggest updates that happened in Google Search Console in 2021: 

1. Google News Performance Reporting

Google Search Console Google News Report

Google Search Console kicked off 2021 by introducing a new Google News Performance reporting view. The goal is to allow news publishers to understand more fully how users are behaving on the Google News page. The report includes engagement data like impressions and clicks and can help to break down performance of articles by demographic segments.


2. Enhanced Association Page

Google Search Console Associations

In February, Search Console introduced an Enhanced Association Page. This page is used to connect your Google Search Console account with the other Google entities such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Youtube, Play Console for Apps, Actions Console and your Chrome Web Store account. Associating your site with these Google services can unlock more functionality for your site and give you better insight to your performance. 


3. New Page Experience Report 

Google Search Console Page Experience Report

The new Page Experience Report combines the previously existing Core Web Vitals report with other components of page experience signals like HTTPS security signals or mobile friendliness. This page offers you a fast overview of what proportion of your site is offering a good page experience so you know where to invest your valuable optimization time.

4. Search Console Insights

Google Search Console Insights

This experience connects Search Console with Google Analytics. It works best if you have associated the two accounts (see Associations in point 2 above) Search Console Insights will help you to understand which pieces of content are resonating with your audience and how people are discovering your content across the web. 


5. New User Interface

Google Search Console Interface

Search Console rounded off the year with an update to their platform interface. The update comes as part of an effort to improve accessibility and user experience in general. The new design makes it easier for you to view your performance and to use the tool in general. 

If you have any questions about how to set up your Google Search Console account or what is the best use of the tool for your website, we are happy to offer you a tailored introduction to Google Search Console and SEO strategy.

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