Digital Compliance | GDPR | Wer hat Recht? - Webinar

“Wer hat Recht?” Our Webinars about Digital Marketing Law

Just before the new Swiss Data Protection Act came into force, we held the first edition of our webinar series “Wer hat Recht?”.

In our new webinar series, Dr. Evelyn Thar (CEO of Advance Metrics) and Caroline Danner (Managing Director of ONLAW) discuss legal issues related to online marketing, analytics and data protection.

Two days before the new Data Protection Act came into force, we presented our data protection checklist and discussed the current requirements.

September 1 has already passed and the new Data Protection Act is in force, but there are still many companies that are not yet ready with the adjustments as the survey by Inside IT has shown.

Use the next days and weeks to adapt your website, your processes and documents.

In our webinar we answer the most important questions. The related video is available below (in German) and will help you to plan your approach.

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