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Using Real-Time Reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers real-time reports to monitor activities on your website as they happen. We show you how to use these reports to gain meaningful insights.

Real-time reports in Google Analytics

Testing of Email Campaigns

When you are creating an email campaign and link to website, you should attach UTM parameters to your links, so you will be able to determine if your campaign was successful or not. Before sending out the emails you should check the links with the real-time report “Traffic Sources”. Test them by clicking on them and check in Google Analytics if you can your session is tagged correctly. If this is not the case you might want to revise the URL in the email.

Adapt your Content Strategy to Trends

If your website is running an aggressive content strategy the “Content” report may be of assistance. It helps to show the right content at the right time. For example, a blog post were suddenly to gain attention due to current events which lead to lots of page views in the real-time report, you could present the blog post on your home page.

A/B Testing

Using A/B test allows running trails on new features or designs and choosing the more successful option based on the collected data. In ecommerce you could test two different “buy” buttons. From the real-time report you could regularly extract which option lead to more sales. A/B testing only allows for meaningful conclusions if you have a lot of data, which means lots of visitors in this case.


When you are consulting the real-time reports try to extract meaningful insights about the activity on your website. Further information you can deviate from real-time reports can be found in this blog post.

If you have any questions concerning real-time reporting, get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist.