Search Engine Advertising

Top 5 Trends in Search Engine Marketing for 2016

In the field of search engine marketing, especially in Google AdWords, there are many new features you should integrate in your SEM strategy in 2016.

We present you with the five most important search engine marketing trends for 2016.

1. Video Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and search engine marketing cannot be imagined without it. Because of the integration of YouTube ads in Google AdWords and the new YouTube shopping ads, video advertising is going to stay an important element of SEM in 2016. Currently Google is testing video ads within the search result pages. Video ads have the potential to become dominant in the search engine market.

2. Interactive Advertising

According to Google one out of four installed apps is not used. People’s attention on mobile is becoming shorter. In order to counteract and create a better user experience Google recently introduced new interactive Ads for apps.

AdWords Interaktive App Anzeige Spieleapp

These apps allow the user to test an app or do another interaction, for example to swipe.
AdWords Interaktive App Anzeige Swipe

This trend is verified with more interactive shopping ads. We have great expectations for more interactive ad formats to come in 2016.

3. Similar Audiences

We can already target our campaigns using interests, pre-defined topics and other targeting options. Search engines are gathering more and more personal data about their users and this allows the targeting of similar audiences. This data is becoming more precise and this enables more specific campaign targeting.

4. New Ways to Communicate with Customers through Ad Extensions

In 2015 Google AdWords announced some new ad extensions. The most important is the structured snippet extension. Structured snippets provide, like the callout extensions, further information about your company. Bing also introduced one new ad extension, the image extension.

Bing Ads Image Erweiterung

We expect more ad extensions to come in 2016 and we expect that the use of these extensions will increase click-through rates.

5. Mobile Is Going to Be the Next Desktop

After the mobilegeddon announcement many website owners optimized their websites for mobile devices. Mobile users can now surf on more mobile optimized websites. According to the latest predictions mobile traffic will continue to increase. Thus the potential of mobile optimized ads will rise.

We are looking forward to an exciting year in 2016. If you have questions about SEM, feel free to write me an email.