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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating YouTube Campaigns with Google AdWords

Creating video campaigns for YouTube with Google AdWords is straightforward. You only need an advertising video on YouTube with a convincing message and a Google AdWords account. Hereafter we show you how to set up YouTube campaigns with Google AdWords:

Step 1: Create a Campaign

Create a new campaign by clicking on +Campaign. Choose Online video from the drop-down menu.

YouTube create new campaign

You will be led directly to the tab All video campaigns. Now you can set a campaign name and the daily budget. If you want to advertise exclusively on YouTube, you need to uncheck the box for Video on Google partner sites, apps and display network. Specify the location and the language and click on Save.

YouTube new campaign settings

Step 2: Choose the Target Audience

You will now get to the options for the target audience. Give the target audience a name and set the bidding. Now you can define your target audience. Choose between the demographic attributes and the interests. Under Narrow your targeting (optional) you can choose additional filters: Topics, Remarketing, Keywords and Placements. Note that the more filters you set, the smaller your target audience becomes. Save your settings.

YouTube choose a target audience

Step 3: Create the Ads

Choose your advertising video for the ad or copy and paste the YouTube URL into the empty field.
YouTube creating new in-stream ad

Choose the Video ad type. If you select Drive views, awareness, or conversions you can choose between these formats:

  • In-stream video ads: With this advertising format your video is displayed before another video with the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds. You cannot insert text with this ad format, but you can upload a companion banner, which appears on the right-hand side near the video.

  • In-display video ads: These ads will appear among other videos in the YouTube search, as an overlay or in the suggested video area on the right side. You can write an ad text and select a thumbnail image.

To finish up, you need to name the video ad and define the targeting.

YouTube create new in-display ad

You can choose your target audience very specifically with video ads on YouTube. The reach of the advertising message is large and because of the possibility to skip the video ad, you will reach a more attentive audience than on other advertising platforms. Read more about the benefits of YouTube ads and additional advertising formats in the blog post YouTube Advertising With Google AdWords.

Feel free to write me an email if you have questions or suggestions concerning YouTube video ads with Google AdWords.