SEO Tutorial: How to Connect Your Google+ Page with Google Maps and YouTube

A lot of companies have various Google+ pages but use only one of them. One reason for this are the previous overlaps between Google+ and Google Places. These have been eliminated with the introduction of Google My Business.

The good thing is, you can delete unnecessary Google+ pages. However, this is not possible for Google+ pages that are connected to Google Maps or YouTube. You first need to transfer the connection to the active Google+ page.

How to connect a Google+ Page with Google Maps

If the wrong Google+ page is connected to Google Maps you need to merge the currently connected page with the active Google+ page.

Merging Google+ Pages - Before

Steps to merge two Google+ pages:

  1. Log in to Google+ and select the local page that is verified (verification shield next to the name of the page).
  2. Ensure that you are the owner of this local Google+ page. The ownership can be transferred if necessary.
  3. Go to the settings and click on “Connect a different page” in the “Profile” section.

    Connect a different Google+ page to Google Maps

  4. Choose the Google+ page you would like to connect with Google Maps from the drop-down menu. If this page is a brand page it will automatically be converted into a local page
  5. The old page is now named “Backup of <page name>”. You can delete this page.


The following information is transferred from the old to the new Google+ page:

  • Name and verification badge
  • Business information and reviews
  • Followers, posts and managers
  • Google+ custom URL
Merge Google+ pages - After

How to connect a Google+ Page with YouTube

If you would like to change the Google+ page that is linked to your YouTube channel you have to send a request to Google using this form. You can only disconnect your channel from Google+ if the following conditions are met:

  • You connected the YouTube channel to Google+ in the last 14 days.
  • You did not create the channel with a Google+ page or profile.


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