SEO for Zero-Click Searches

The Google algorithm understands better and better what users are looking for. This is practical for the users. But it also leads to a phenomenon known as zero click searches. We explain exactly what this means, what advantages and disadvantages it brings, and how you can adapt your SEO measures accordingly.

What are Zero-Click Searches?

Zero Click Searches are search queries that are answered directly on the search engine results page. This makes the click on a website redundant.

According to current studies (2019, Spark Toro/Rand Fishkin), Zero Click Searches account for around 50% of search traffic, and the trend is rising. One of the main reasons for the sharp increase is user behaviour: The need for fast and precise search results is much more pronounced when using smartphones compared to desktop devices.

Featured Snippets Lead to Zero Click Search Queries

Users searching for information on Google often receive their results in the form of “answer boxes” to varying degrees, depending on whether they are below paid search results or above organic search results. An example of such a format is Featured Snippets, which give users a precise answer to their question – directly in the search results.

Featured Snippets are available in the form of text, video, list and table snippets. They are especially interesting for Voice Search.

Assets and Drawbacks

The situation is ideal for the users, the customers of the search engine and, above all, the smartphone users: The answer box gets to the point. The search engine provides quick answers to short questions that one would normally not want to spend much time on.

Google uses it to train its artificial intelligence (and in the process gets to know the users and their search intentions better and better).

For website operators, Zero Click Searches are annoying at first. On the one hand, their content is used by third parties without consent. And as if that were not enough, they miss out on important website traffic.

On the other hand, the ready-made response formats provided by Google offer the opportunity to attract a high level of attention. This can be particularly beneficial for brands or institutions that are not yet very well-known and are primarily interested in raising awareness.

5 Tips on How to Use Zero Click Searches for SEO Purposes

Create an On-SERP SEO strategy tailored to your needs. This should include the following:

  • Use structured markup. You will put yourself in position. Search engines understand your content better and it is displayed in the SERPs’ response boxes. This increases your reach, your credibility and, from the search engine’s point of view, your content authority.
  • Optimise your pages and content. In addition to mobile friendliness, we recommend regular content audits and optimizations. For example, check whether you can offer content in the form of FAQs.
  • Invest time in the careful development and reputation of your digital brand building.
  • Tap into other traffic sources such as social media, blogs and newsletters.

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