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SEO for E-Commerce: The Most Important Rich Snippets

Stand out in search results: Rich Snippets contain special elements such as rating stars, pricing information or product images. This additional information can help you differentiate your site’s search results from those of your competitors. As a result, this means better click rates and those lead to more visitors. Especially for online shops rich snippets are indispensable for this reason. We present you the most important Rich Snippets for e-commerce.

What Are Rich Snippets? 

Rich Snippets or Rich Results, as Google calls them, are special forms of presentation in search results. They are enriched with additional information such as ratings, pictures or even videos. To appear as Rich Snippet, structured data is required. Structured data helps search engines such as Google or Bing to understand content as accurately as possible and put it into the right context.

A specific form of code, the so-called markup, describes the additional information and helps to classify it.

Since Google’s goal is to provide its users with the best possible search results, the benefits of structured data in e-commerce are vast. Logically, it is obvious that your search results will be clicked on more often if the right target group sees them. And finally, a higher click-through rate (CTR) will also increase your sales.

Product Pages With Markup

The following markup is especially important for online shops, as many product descriptions are rather short. With the product markup, Google can display relevant product information in the rich snippets: Price, availability and rating results are displayed directly in the search results, as well as a picture of the product.

Tip: Make sure you use high quality images, as they have been proven to promote the sale of your products.

Darstellung der Produkt-Informationen in der Google Suche


It is clear that this markup significantly improves the chances of being found with your offers. Especially for smaller online shops, product markup is one of the most important search engine optimizations for increasing sales.

The Sitelinks Search Box

Without detours and as quickly as possible to the goal! With the sitelinks search field, users can perform search queries on your website directly via the search results page.

Darstellung der Sitelinks-Searchbox in der Google Suche


With the sitelinks search field, your potential customer lands directly on the desired product page. If, in addition, the price, delivery conditions and the like fit, the sale is likely to be successful.

Mark Frequently Asked Questions With Structured Data (FAQs)

Pages with frequently asked questions are usually used for customer service. However, FAQs can also answer short, simple questions about products and their use. Make sure that each FAQ page focuses on a single topic or product.

FAQ markup is only supported for controlled pages, i.e. those where users cannot submit answers.

Darstellung FAQs in der Google Suche


Providers who answer their customers’ questions promptly and concretely save time and thus improve the customer experience. This in turn significantly accelerates the path from the intention to buy to the effective purchase of a product. Another plus: FAQ pages are often used by Google to answer voice searches.

The Logo

The logo is an essential part of your visual corporate identity and ideally has a high recognition value.

Darstellung des Logo in der Google Suche


The logo markup ensures that the logo is displayed in the search results for your company or in the Knowledge Graph that is displayed. This is an excellent way of differentiation, especially in the case of digital oversupply. The reason for this is that many customers trust in brands with which they have already had good experiences.


Rich snippets are an essential part of search engine optimization for e-commerce. Under no circumstances should you do without them, it is worth the effort.

The page https://developers.google.com/search/reference/overview in the category “Structured Data” provides an overview of markups, their purposes, and fields of application. The “Markup Helper” assists with the implementation.

Do you have any questions about search engine optimization for e-commerce or would you like to dive deeper into the subject? We will be happy to advise you.

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