SEO Case Study: CSS Versicherung

The results of search engine optimization (SEO) are usually visible only after several months.
So it is great when we can present our clients with positive results after a few short months.

Recently we were able to report such positive results to CSS Versicherung after five months of SEO work.

The starting point

  • CSS Versicherung was struggling with the SEO visibility of its website,, facing fierce competition in the highly competitive insurance market.
  • Our Off-Site SEO Analysis showed that CSS Versicherung ranked in the top five search results on for only a few of its main keywords. For some keywords it did not even rank in the top fifty.
  • Compared with its top competitors, CSS Versicherung was not among the top sites in terms of organic visibility.

The process

The recommended SEO process was built on three pillars:
1. Technical Improvements

  • An On-Site SEO Audit identified the site’s technical problems and provided optimal solutions.
  • These technical factors were carefully prioritized, and the implementation of the proposed solutions ensured.

2. Link Building

  • Based on an analysis of the competition, a concrete plan for link-building possibilities was identified and implemented.

3. Content Strategy

  • First, keyword research was conducted to find the search queries with the greatest potential in terms of relative search volumes.
  • Finally, the content of the website was optimized for its use of keywords.

The results

  • Within five months the site’s ranking position for relevant keywords in three languages has been greatly improved.
  • The SEO positioning of CSS has significantly improved: is now one of the top-ranked sites in its sector.
  • In terms of SEO visibility, CSS has overtaken its main competitors and continues to see an upward trend in visibility.