Search Engine Advertising

Remarketing with Google AdWords – Part 2

We outlined the first steps with Google AdWords remarketing in the first part of the tutorial. In the second part we will show you how to create remarketing campaigns.

How to create a remarketing campaign

If you implemented the remarketing tag on all pages of your website and created the remarketing lists, you can follow the steps below to create a remarketing campaign.

  1. Create a new campaign by choosing the option Display Network only in the drop-down menu.
    Remarketing - Display Network only
  2. Name the campaign.
  3. Choose the type No marketing objective and All features.
    Remarketing - No marketing objective
  4. Determine the location, the language and the budget and save your changes.
  5. Define an ad group name and choose: Interests & remarketing – show ads to people based on their interests. You can add more ad groups to this campaign later.
    Remarketing - Interests and remarketing
  6. Click on Select category and choose Remarketing lists in the drop-down menu. Now select the remarketing list you prepared by following the first part of our remarketing tutorial.
  7. The last step is to create ads. A good approach is to copy 2-3 of the most successful existing ads out of other campaigns, if they suit the selected remarketing lists.

Remarketing is an effective tool because it targets users who already showed interest in the website. Typically the waste coverage is lower and the conversion rate higher compared to classical search and display campaigns.

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