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Player Analytics: Powerful Analytics Reports for Google Play Games

Player Analytics, a set of analytics reports for game developers, will soon come to Google Play Games. Google announced that this service will launch in the next few weeks as part of a set of new features for Google Play Games and Admob.

Player Analytics will help developers better understand what users do in their games by reporting engagement and in-game behavior metrics like:

  • sessions per user
  • progress through games
  • spending on in-app purchases
  • player churn

It will also allow developers to easily understand their business performance with key performance indicators like:

  • Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU)
  • Daily Revenue

According to the developer of the game BombSquad, “Player Analytics has helped me hone in on BombSquad’s shortcomings, right the ship, and get to a point where I can financially justify making the games I want to make.”*  He was able to double his revenue per player after optimizing the game based on insights from Player Analytics.                                                                                                                  

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* http://android-developers.blogspot.ch/2015/03/new-tools-to-supercharge-your-games-on.html