Our Whole Team in Zurich!

The middle of June saw the whole team come together again in Zurich.

A remote team setup may have its advantages, but we definitely also look forward to meeting each other and spending time together.

Apart from the time spent brainstorming in workshops – this time we were also able to be adventurous, which started off with going to an escape room!

Amazee Metrics escaped

We all made it and escaped!

Amazee Metrics escaped

Two days later we were even more adventurous and tried out bubble soccer! Who would have thought that we are not only good at doing a job that requires sitting behind desks but also able to play soccer as giant rubber bubbles!

Amazee Metrics Bubble Soccer

We were all in!

Amazee Metrics Bubble Soccer 2

We ended the week with lovely weather and a barbecue on our terrace.

It was great to be able to spend so much time with the whole team. Besides our sport activities we met in several workshops and discussed new processes. It was great to see the energy and exchange of ideas that comes about when we are all sitting in one room.

We are looking forward to our next get-together, next time it might even be in our office in Cape Town.

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