Our Whole Team in Zurich, Again!

In the beginning of May, the Amazee Metrics team gathered in Zurich for another week of fun team building events, productive workshops, meeting with clients and other social activities. We had a blast, again!

On our second day after arriving, we began our first outdoor adventure – a foxtrail! This was an amazing team experience in which Zurich literally became our playing field!

We split into two groups and had to keep track of the fox, by breaking codes, finding hidden messages en route, and solving some challenging clues. It was a great way to both bond with the team and discover more of Zurich. We absolutely loved it.

When we said some of the clues were challenging, we weren’t kidding! Here’s an example of a clue, glued to a random bottle of whiskey, at a bar on the way.

Amazee Metrics Foxtrail
Amazee Metrics Foxtrail

Two and a half hours later, both team finally finished. Next to all that walking, hiking and thinking, we enjoyed team dinners with great food.

Amazee Metrics Foxtrail
Amazee Metrics Foxtrail

Besides outdoor adventures and good food, we sat down for several workshops later in the week.

It was great to do some brainstorming as a team in a relaxed informal environment. It encouraged us to come up with thoughts and ideas that can, at first, see a bit crazy. We managed to craft those ideas into original creative solutions to some of our present challenges.

The week went by too quickly, as it usually does when we are all together. It was another great visit, with lots of team bonding, fun activities and valuable exchange of ideas.

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